I will work to strengthen pillars that should be strong in a wealthy and privileged society.

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Judy Amabile: Affordable housing: Last stop before homelessness

August 18, 2020

Published in the Daily Camera | August 14 My son’s friend came over Saturday to say goodbye. For the last two years, BB (not his real name) had been living…

Opinion: Judy Amabile: Glimpses of society’s failures at COVID Recovery Center

May 4, 2020

By DAILY CAMERA GUEST OPINION | openforum@dailycamera.com | Boulder Daily Camera May 1, 2020 at 1:26 p.m. During the stay-at-home order, I have been volunteering at the COVID Recovery Center at the East Boulder…

Logic in the Time of Coronavirus

March 18, 2020

These are strange days. Along with feeling concern about the immediate crisis, I’m thinking of what Coronavirus has revealed about our health and economic systems. We need to strengthen both.…


  • Judy has been a force of nature in the City of Boulder and Boulder County ever since she brought Polar Bottle here. We have been lucky to have Judy and her progressive vision to inform our work at the Chamber. Her philanthropy has strengthened countless Boulder non-profits. It is hard to replace KC Becker, but if anyone can do it, Judy can! She has my whole-hearted support.

    - Ed Byrne
  • I’ve known Judy since grade school. She is everything we need to bring straight thinking and sane values to this country.

    - Karl Kocivar
  • I am endorsing Judy because we need the voice of progressive business owners in our state government. As a small business owner, the costs of doing business in Colorado has significantly increased over the last two decades. We need people in office that recognize that in order to keep manufacturing in our economy we have to do a better job providing affordable housing, affordable yet good health care, family leave, and other benefits to our employees all at reasonable costs. Judy being a former successful business owner understand the needs of our employees as well as the owners of small to mid-size businesses in our communities. I am endorsing her also because she understands that our future is tied to the conservation of our wildlands and dealing with climate change. We need more business community members in our politics. Judy Amabile is the kind of people we need to lead our state into a brighter future.

    - Rodney Smith
  • Judy, I am supporting you with great appreciation.  You are a worthy successor for KC Becker who is a most respected leader.

    - Dorothy Rupert
  • Judy is the perfect HD-13 candidate to follow in the huge footsteps of KC Becker. She’s a passionate problem-solver who does the homework to be informed. She’s an astute business woman who understands the intersection of the economy with the human condition. She’s a feisty entrepreneur with a soft voice who cares deeply about the environment and mental health. I watched her chair the Community Affairs Council at the Boudler Chamber, and she is masterful at eliciting disparate views and pulling people together. We’re lucky to have someone of her grit, her humor, and her wisdom to represent the values of Boulder.

    - Bob Morehouse
  • Judy is a dynamo on many issues and I am proud to support her and call her a friend. She will be extremely effective in the legislature and I can’t wait to see all she accomplishes for Boulder.

    - Jenn Dice
  • I met Judy our 1st day of college life in the Williams Village dorms. She is a dear friend, an inspired innovator who has focused on cultivating compassion in Boulder and beyond for many years through her insightful editorials and her many community leadership posts. Thank you so much for running for state legislature to spread the joy!

    - Eileen Doohan
  • Judy Amabile will bring a fresh and important perspective to the Colorado House of Representatives. Judy’s ability to champion the progressive values of Boulder while dismantling the “pro-business” arguments used by Republicans across the isle. She has shown that you can build a great business and do it with integrity with an unswerving commitment to sustainability, your employees, and your community.

    - Tim Howard
  • Judy’s spectrum of business and personal experiences combined with sincere and constructive engagement in civic and business issues brings an informed, tenacious voice to the table that our state legislature needs. I agree with the topics she’s prioritized, such as affordable housing access, environmental protection and mental health/health care policy. Her motives are to manifest progressive solutions in a manner that is insistent, respectful and visionary.

    - Dan Powers
  • I worked for Judy at Polar Bottle and was continually struck by her dynamism and unwavering commitment to her employees, Colorado and the planet. Judy and Robert invented and produced a product which was healthful, reduced the environmental damage of disposable water bottles and created well-paid, local manufacturing jobs. During my time with the company we organized events for community groups and made hundreds of donations to non-profit organizations – including many dedicated to preserving the Colorado environment. The company also embraced an ambitious zero waste program and joined the State of Colorado’s Environmental Leadership Program. I have no doubt that Judy will continue to live her beliefs with energy and authenticity and deliver real results for the people and lands of House District 13.

    - Liza Purvis
  • I have known Judy for over 20 years now. We started our careers together and have developed an amazing friendship over those 20+ years. Judy has more integrity and passion than anyone I know. I highly endorse Judy! She will get the job done!

    - Juli Adams
  • Judy is a great listener and a natural leader. She has a long track record studying all sides of an issue and advocating both passionately and persuasively for causes that will bring positive change for all. Her integrity, intelligence, business experience and communication skills, as well as nuanced understanding of public policy, will make her a strong and effective Representative for HD 13.

    - Deborah Malden
  • I am so happy to support my younger sister in her entrance into the political arena. I have known her for her entire life!!! She has been an inspiration to our whole family (youngest of five siblings), as a mother, business owner, author, and community activist. She has raised three sons into adulthood. She started and built a successful company in Boulder County. Her workers were paid a living wage, treated with respect, and provided access to health insurance and other benefits. Fair treatment of her employees always trumped personal gain. She has stayed abreast of local, national and international affairs and has written editorials for the Boulder Daily Camera for many years. Judy will be responsive to her constituents, thoughtful and will make a superb representative.

    - John A Amabile
  • Judy Amabile is one of the most generous and honest people I have ever met. She stands firm on her beliefs but is always open to others points of view. I am so happy to hear she is running for office. She will be a great representative in the House and will do her best to make positive change. 

    - Phil Bash
  • I know that Judy will bring her great energy and infectious passion to being an elected representative of HD13.  She cares about making positive change happen for everyone!   She does her homework and she is very focused on addresssing the nuts and bolts that impact our everyday lives here in HD 13.   

    - Benita Duran
  • I was so happy to hear that Judy Amabile is running for House District 13.  I have known Judy for 35 years, both as a friend, and as a business partner.  Judy is loaded with smarts, energy, optimism, and great ideas.  She gets things done and cares deeply about our most pressing local and global issues.

    - John Hoeffler
  • I have known Judy for many years.  I know her as a clear thinker on personal and community issues.  I admire her courage to say  truth as she sees it because I know she has carefully analyzed the situation.  When we disagree, I count on an intelligent debate and her hearing my point of view.  I trust her view and her vision.  I am delighted to endorse her for the House of Representatives.  

    - Claire Riley
  • Judy is a champion for Colorado workers. As a former employee, I saw firsthand how committed she was to ensuring that all of her employees had opportunity to succeed in her company and beyond. She upped the starting salary of all her employees — well above the current minimum wage — because it was a good business decision, and the right thing to do. When employees or their families members were sick, she gave them the time off they needed without question, often provided financial support, and on numerous occasions joined them for hours at hospitals and doctors appointments to provide support and guidance. When employees wanted to better themselves through higher education, she was their greatest cheerleader — accommodating their scheduling needs and ensuring they had the resources they needed to succeed.  As a representative, I have no doubt that Judy will be as equally dedicated to fighting for workers across Colorado. 

    - Adeline Bash
  • Judy is my sister. She has lived and worked and raised a family her entire adult life in Boulder. As an employer Judy advocated for a living wage, she created employee incentives to maintain a balanced work/home life. She incentivized her employees to exercise at work. She kept her company in Boulder and hired local people. She also hired and retained people with disabilities and people rehabilitating from the criminal justice system. She hired newcomers to the U.S. to give them a start. Judy has always been active in local and regional issues in Colorado. Her kids attended public schools and Colorado universities. She volunteered her time with the local party. She is smart, engaged and will listen to your concerns. She is proactive and a problem solver. And she is a great sister.

    - Jean Amabile
  • I’ve known Judy for over 30 years. Our relationship spans the spectrum. We are both business women founding Colorado-based companies, mothers, co-workers in the Big 6, MBAs from the University of Colorado, and have shared many adventures in this great state. Over all the years, I’ve learned that Judy is passionate about the issues, smart in seeking information, curious about perspectives, and a diehard Colorado supporter – ‘native’! I wholeheartedly endorse Judy for HD13!

    - Susan Heinzeroth
  • Judy is an incredible business woman and an amazing person. She gave me my first job and I know that is true on dozens of other people. I am so excited that Judy is running for the Colorado State House; I know she will do a great job!

    - William Mattimore
  • My sister has been a dedicated and tireless advocate for causes she feels strongly about. She has immersed herself in our community through participation in a range of programs and activities. She has a depth of knowledge and experience on issues vital to our community. She will work hard to make an impact we can all share in.

    - Mary Amabile
  • I’ve known Judy for about 3 decades, and I can’t think of anyone more passionate about doing what’s right. She’s always watching out for those less fortunate, but she doesn’t complain – she does something about it. She works to make change happen by listening to all sides of a discussion, getting all information she possibly can, and then speaking out, writing, informing, and leading the cause. Judy is a strong leader, a great communicator, a true listener, an honest, amazing human, and a true friend. It’s about time she got into politics – we need more leaders like her leading our state.

    - Randi Albright


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