2014 Election Results

The Republicans' strategy of portraying President Obama and the Democrats as not just unpopular, but downright terrifying, was very effective.

Political advertising reached an all-time low with regard to false and misleading scare tactics. Ebola and ISIS were seen streaming across the Rio Grande River with the help of Mexican coyotes, all hell-bound to kill us in our beds. In Colorado, Nathan Dunlap was at the prison gate ready to spring forth and commit murderous mayhem the minute Gov. Hickenlooper was re-elected. The young, the poor and the brown were poised to perpetrate massive voter fraud and destroy our American way of life.

The Democrats responded by distancing themselves from the president. They didn't talk about how much better the economy is doing, especially compared with European countries burdened by austerity measures. They didn't talk about how many jobs have been created and how low unemployment is. They didn't talk about the millions of Americans who have health insurance for the first time. Their silence gave credence to the false argument that the Democrats' policies aren't working.

With the big Republican sweep we can all rest easy. They are going to build the Keystone pipeline, deregulate the financial markets, lower taxes for the wealthy, repeal Obamacare and execute the guilty. Hooray!

Don't worry about climate change and the environment, access to education, income inequality, wage stagnation, or corruption in the financial markets. These problems simply don't exist.