Better Mental Health Resources + New Endorsements for Judy

The reason I’m passionate about improving mental health resources in Colorado is personal for me. My son has a serious mental illness that started in his teenage years. I’ve learned firsthand how terribly difficult it is to get effective mental health care in my own community.

Through this journey, I’ve seen what can happen to families who have limited or no financial resources to deal with mental illness: homelessness, addiction, jail, and suicide. These outcomes cost the people of Colorado infinitely more than the funding of smart, evidenced-based mental health resources would, and obviously could save families a tremendous amount of anguish.

In the last session, eight mental health bills passed the Colorado legislature and were signed by Governor Polis. These efforts represent significant progress, but they are just a start. Mental Health America compared all 50 states on areas like prevalence of mental health issues and access to treatment. They found that overall, Colorado ranks 43rd.... Click to read the full e-news