Climate Change

Excerpt from the Daily Camera editorial advisory board 11/03/2012 written by Judy Amabile 

Hurricane Sandy became a monster storm long feared on the East Coast, crippling transportation, destroying some communities and killing an estimated 100 people. It also became the biggest national news story of the week, bringing up serious issues regarding the climate, politics and preparedness and response. What do you think?

This year's election has been a dizzying assault on the intelligence of the voting public. One of the many fantastic things we have been asked to believe is that fossil fuels are the engine of future prosperity and national security. The candidates are falling over themselves to advocate for more drilling, more mining and more hydraulic fracturing. We are supposed to rally around resource extraction anywhere and everywhere in the name of jobs, jobs, and jobs.

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy might just create those jobs. Rebuilding homes, businesses, transportation systems, water and power utilities and more, will take a massive effort. Jobs designing and building new infrastructure to protect our coastal cities from future weather events may also be created. Is this what the fossil fuel enthusiasts had in mind?During this campaign season our country experienced massive droughts, two hurricanes and raging fires that burned thousands of acres of forests and hundreds of homes. The environment and climate change never became part of the campaign rhetoric.

Of course, no one can say that Hurricane Sandy is a direct result of global warming. Doesn't that sound like the cigarette industry's assertions that there is no causal relationship between smoking and lung cancer? Maybe all the severe weather events in the last several years are just a coincidence. If you believe that, there is some nice oceanfront property in New Jersey I'd like to sell you.

Judy Amabile