Diversity at CU

The leadership at CU claims to want greater diversity, inclusion and retention. Maybe they should start at the top.

Based on photos from the CU website, Bruce Benson's executive team has eight white men and four women, one of whom is black. This ethnic makeup is hardly representative of the population of Colorado. Perhaps the CU president should hire a more diverse team.

Once hired, they would have to receive fair treatment. Their ideas would have to be heard and evaluated with an open mind. The culture at the top might have to change. Members of the president's executive team would then need to look at their own leadership teams and make some adjustments. And so on down the line of command.

Change will only come if these executives truly value diversity. Recently, the dean of the Leeds School of Business was offered a five-year contract renewal. It appears that complaints "by a number of female Leeds employees indicating that the dean did not treat them fairly" were not an important part of the decision to renew his contract. Once the Daily Camera reported on the discrimination allegations, the dean stepped down.

If the leadership at CU truly values diversity, it is within their grasp. If they only want to pay lip service to the idea, they shouldn't waste their money on a new vice president.