A growing list of endorsements:

Laurie Albright  -  Former President, BVSD Board of Education
Jean Dubofsky  -  Former Colorado Supreme Court Justice and Former Deputy Attorney General for Colorado
Angelique Espinoza  -  Former Boulder City Council Member
Lynn Guissinger  -  RTD Board of Directors, District O
Edie Hooton  -  Colorado State Representative HD-10
Francoise Poinsatte  -  Former Boulder City Council Member
Lesley Smith  -  CU Board of Regents At-large
Bob Yates  -  Boulder City Council Member

Juli Adams
Randi Albright
Terri Albright
Jean Amabile
John A Amabile
Mimi Amabile
Nina Amabile
Adeline Bash
Phil Bash
Mary Lynn Bruny
Steven Bruny
Karin Budding
Anne Butterfiled
Karen Woodward Chavez
Terry Crook
Janet Dilz
Ric Dilz
Penny Dumas
Benita Duran
Diane Dvorin
Herb and Carol Gibson
Lynn GIlbert
Tony Glebe

Brian Halloran
Susan Heinzeroth
Sylvia Henderson
Dr. Warren Hern, MD
John Hoeffler
Amy Howard
Samantha Jordan
Susan Lewis
Robin Luff
Deborah Malden
Jackie Marrinan
William Mattimore
Catherine Milburn
Phoebe Norton
Fern O'Brien
Elisabeth Patterson
Dee Perry
Liza Purvis
Claire Riley
Diane Rosenthal
Laura Sparks
Sherin Tedeschi
Frank Whitney
Joseph Whitney

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