Happy Hour and Legislative Update

Our office has been barraged with messages from ardent supporters of three Republican-sponsored “election reform” bills (10531086 and 1088). I have read these bills. Each aims to reshape Colorado’s elections, including diminishing our gold standard mail-in balloting system. It’s deeply disturbing that so many people believe there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Study after study, including by the former administration’s own Justice Department, simply do not bear that out. I will be voting no. – Judy

Topic: Happy Hour with Rep. Amabile

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Legislative Update: Bills Sponsored by Judy

HB21-1131 Governance Requirements for Cooperative Electric Associations
Sponsored with Rep. Marc Catlin and Sen. Faith Winter
This bill takes a bold step in giving individual Coloradans greater say over how their energy is generated. It requires greater transparency by rural electric co-ops (which serve about 70% of the state, geographically). The decisions made by electric co-ops and generation & transmission organizations affect the lives, health, and pocketbooks of the many Coloradans who rely on them for energy. Transparency in governance is critical to encouraging renewable energy.

Status:  Passed committee 12-1 and is on to Second Reading in the House

HB21-1132Distributions from the Limited Gaming Impact Fund
Sponsored with Rep. Mark Baisley and Sen. Tammy Story
This bill clarifies the legislative intent of Colorado’s Gaming Impact Fund, stipulating that fund money be distributed based on the negative community impacts of gambling. It also creates greater fairness in distribution by establishing a hierarchy of financial need. 

Status: Committee Meeting on Tuesday, 3/16, Transportation & Local Government

HB 21-1064 Reforms to Colorado’s Juvenile Sex Offender Registry
Sponsored with Rep. Adrienne Benavidez and Sen. Robert Rodriguez
This bill reforms Colorado’s Juvenile Sex Offender Registry to improve outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system without compromising public safety. It is the result of several years of work and sponsorship. Rep. Benavidez, stakeholder in the criminal justice system, and several human rights organizations have labored to bring this bill forward. It endeavors to right some grievous wrongs. Read about harms of juvenile sex offender registries.

Status: Passed committee 13-0 and is under consideration by Appropriations 

HB 21-1211Restrictions on the Use of Restrictive Housing in Colorado Jails
Sponsored with Senator Pete Lee
This bill prohibits local jails with more than 400 beds from involuntarily placing individuals with specific mental health conditions in solitary confinement. Multiple studies have shown that the psychological stress created from isolation clinically compares to the distress of physical torture. Individuals with serious mental health conditions are often placed in isolation, further worsening their health condition. Individuals with mental health conditions are more likely to be incarcerated longer and are more likely to be placed in restrictive housing, commonly referred to as solitary confinement, while in jail. This needs to change.

Status: Committee Hearing on 3/30, Judiciary