Introducing my Climate Plan and more

I am excited to release my Climate Action Plan for Colorado. Many thanks to my co-author Jakki Davison as well as the industry and science experts who contributed to this work. I'd also like to thank those of you who reviewed the early edition and weighed in with ideas. I will continue to refine this urgent plan for action. Nothing else matters if we do not wisely address climate change. I am determined to be a force for bold action.

*Read my climate column in the Daily Camera.


TABOR Reform: What's Next?

I was disappointed that Proposition CC failed at the ballot box this month. We lost this battle but I feel confident we are going to win the bigger fight for fiscal reform in Colorado.

What’s next? As I write this, Coloradans are regrouping. I am a member of Vision 2020, a network of Colorado businesses, organizations, and individuals working to improve our tax code. Vision 2020 is shaping a new ballot measure for TABOR reform based on the input of voters. We need a big, diverse group of people to make this happen. Please give your input on ballot measures Vision 2020 is testing right now:

Vision 2020 Input Tool

If you want to do more, attend the Vision 2020 Network Gathering on Monday, November 25th. I'll be there.

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