Logic in the Time of Coronavirus

These are strange days. Along with feeling concern about the immediate crisis, I’m thinking of what Coronavirus has revealed about our health and economic systems. We need to strengthen both. Today, The Boulder Daily Camera published my opinion piece on the subject. I’d love your feedback.

A Colorado Plan for Economic Action

I’ve just published my Economic Plan for Colorado. Working people are hurting in our state. Policy choices around jobs, compensation, housing, health care, and criminal justice have fixed the system in favor of the wealthy, and trapped workers at the bottom of the economic ladder. But there is hope. Today’s policies are not set in stone. Together, we can increase economic opportunities for all Coloradans. It’s time for foundational change. This plan sets forth my thoughts on getting there.

Elections Must Go On

I’m grateful to Colorado’s elected leaders, Democratic party leaders, volunteers and staff who are working hard to keep our election calendar on track. Many of you have asked me how Coronavirus restrictions might impact the 2020 election. The details around our County assemblies are evolving, but I’m confident a fair process will take place for all the offices up for election this year. Colorado is lucky to have mail-in elections. We must make sure that every American can cast a ballot in the primaries and caucuses and in November. We cannot allow any disaster to derail this most fundamental right.

Coronavirus: Something You Can Do Right Now

Boulder’s Community Food Share is working to stock its shelves and continue providing the food that more than 40,000 of our neighbors will rely on throughout this crisis. You can help by donating to the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund. Boulder Community Food Share 

A New Strategy To Defeat TABOR

I’m a member of Vision 2020, an organization that has developed a citizen’s ballot initiative to get Colorado out from under TABOR's revenue constraints. Fair Tax Colorado reverses our upside-down tax code that causes most middle and working class taxpayers to pay more of their income in taxes than the wealthiest households. We are circulating petitions to gather signatures to get Fair Tax Colorado on November’s ballot. You can help – even with Coronavirus restrictions. Learn more and volunteer.


I know this is a stressful time. Thanks for reading this e-newsletter and staying engaged. You can learn more about my campaign for Colorado House District 13 on my website: www.judyamabile.com. Be well and let's remember to care for one another. -Judy