Love Wins

Amabile isn’t an easy name to remember or pronounce (uh-MAA-bee-lay), but it does have a nice connotation. It’s an Italian word with a range of translations; from simpatico, to amiable and even lovable.

t was a good surname for my father – in some ways. My dad was both a lover and a fighter (details here would be entirely TMI.) Suffice it to say he was a good man and a skilled lawyer. He encouraged my siblings and me to do any kind of work we wanted to do, with the caveat that we do it well.

I’m thinking about my dad this Valentine’s Day. For me, today is a reminder that love wins.

No matter how difficult or tumultuous the world can be, decency, compassion and kindness have the power to carry us through. Wishing you and all those you care about a happy celebration of love today. And every day.  -Judy