Press Release

Rep. Judy Amabile Advances Landmark Bills on Guns, Environment, Mental Health in First Session at Colorado House.

Yesterday marked the end of the 2021 Colorado legislative session. The Colorado Assembly passed historic legislation to improve the lives of Coloradans. Representative Amabile remarked on the session:

Protected immigrants from extortion. Enhanced the safe storage of firearms. Reformed marijuana regulations to better protect Colorado kids. Improved the care of dogs and cats. Safeguarded our air, land, and water. Increased funding for broadband. Capped prices for insulin. Made the tax code more fair. Reaffirmed our commitment to a just transition away from fossil fuels. Increased access to mental health services

And so much more. 

In my first year as a state legislator I’m proud to have worked closely with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. I was a prime sponsor of 13 bills, all of which passed and have been sent to the Governor:  

HB21-1298 is part of the response to the horrific Boulder King Soopers shooting. It expands background checks and restricts gun sales for individuals with a recent violent misdemeanor conviction. In addition, HB21-1299 establishes the office of gun violence prevention and SB21-256 ends state pre-emption, allowing the local regulation of firearms.

HB21-1211 restricts the use of solitary confinement in Colorado jails. Too many Coloradans languish in solitary confinement. Many have mental health issues and fail to get much needed care; this bill is a step forward in providing for more humane treatment in our jails.

HB21-1131 ensures that all Colorado power cooperatives and generation & transmission  companies are more transparent and accountable to members. With new voices at the table, this bill puts Colorado on a path to more clean energy, reduced prices, and a more resilient grid. 

SB21-261 vastly expands the ability of individual customers to generate and store their own renewable energy. For the first time, commercial and multi-unit residential buildings will be able to provide clean power to tenants, and generate it both on and off site. 

HB21-1248 expands the Colorado child abuse prevention trust fund. This bill directs resources to reduce child maltreatment and brings people with lived experience to the board.

SB21-192 increases mentorship opportunities in Colorado’s youth correctional facilities.

HB21-1064 reforms the juvenile sex offender registry to ease the burden on individuals who do not represent a threat to the community.

SB21-239 adds mental health referrals to the 2-1-1 social services help line.

SB21-229 expands the rural jump-start zone grant program to incentivize businesses to grow in Colorado’s rural communities.

HB21-1323 creates a license plate for the special Olympics. This bill was named the Teri Leiker Act, to honor this incredible person and Special Olympian who was killed in the King Soopers shooting. 

HB21-1292 improves the accuracy of the sports betting taxation formula for Colorado gaming communities. 

HB21-1132 ensures fairness in the allocation of funding to combat the negative impacts of gaming in Colorado.

SB21-155 allows for local representation on Colorado’s limited gaming control commission.

While I’m immensely proud of what we accomplished, our work is by no means over. We must continue to improve mental healthcare access, reduce gun violence, ensure green and sustainable energy, build an equitable economy, and reform the criminal justice system. I promise to continue working my hardest on these goals.

I ran for State Representative in the hope of making Colorado a better place, and the work that my fellow legislators and I have done this session gives me a sense of pride in our success at meeting that goal. Now, let’s keep fighting for our future.

For interviews relating to these bills or other work during the 2021 General Assembly, please contact Rep. Amabile: or (303) 517-4698.