As your next state representative in House District 13, I will work to advance progressive Colorado values. I envision focusing on these key priorities:

  • Ensuring wages for working families keep up with the costs of housing, health care, child care and college tuition.
  • Increasing access to mental health resources to address the staggering rise in homelessness, opioid drug addiction, incarceration, and suicide.
  • Acting boldly on climate change and environmental stewardship.


Wages have not kept up with expenses. Our work force deserves to be paid a living wage. It lifts families from poverty and benefits the overall economy. It also boosts productivity and profitability. Even with a college degree, housing and other costs of living are so high that many young people are unable to pay for health care or save for the future.

Paid Family and Medical leave for every worker is essential to their health and well-being. Small businesses can’t afford to cover these costs alone. The insurance model currently being considered by the Colorado legislature has worked in other states and will be good for Colorado companies as well as for our workforce.

Employees at the lower end of the pay scale are unfairly impacted by lax or arbitrary overtime rules, forced part-time work, and unreliable schedules. We must do more to address this inequity for the greater good.

I believe that economic mobility for all Coloradans is the key to our continued prosperity. A good education is the path to that prosperity. Yet for many Colorado kids it is out of reach. Funding for K-12 education in Colorado is well below the national average. Half of all our school districts, mostly in rural areas, have at least one school on a four-day per week schedule to save money. High tuition and the prospect of crushing student loan debt discourage many young people from pursuing an advanced degree. We are not investing enough in our children and our future. We need to do better.


Health care costs are squeezing family budgets to the breaking point. We need creative solutions to move away from the current insurance model.

Rural Colorado is experiencing a crisis in health care access and costs. Many areas are served by only one and in some cases no insurance carriers. We have to expand Medicaid buy-in programs to protect and serve these communities.

Mental Health issues have profoundly impacted my family and so many others. Our state has an appalling lack of access to mental health care. The result is an epidemic of suicide, drug addiction, and skyrocketing numbers of people who are either homeless or incarcerated.

We need more public health hospital beds, better coordination of care, and more providers. Failure to act is an immoral, barbaric, and costly way to address these issues.


Nothing else matters if we do not address Climate Change.

We must move to renewable energy now, while planning for and training the energy industry workforce for the new clean energy economy. The economic opportunities of moving to cleaner energy are enormous, and Colorado companies are innovators at heart.

Our recreational and wild lands have to be preserved for future generations. These beautiful places are the soul of Colorado. They shouldn’t be sacrificed to short term corporate profits.


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