I filed to run for Colorado House District 13 on March 1st. In the 271 days since, I’ve been hard at work building momentum for the race and preparing to make a progressive difference on day one. Here's how it adds up:

5 Counties
Multiple visits to all 5 HD13 counties: Jackson, Gilpin, Clear Creek, Grand and Boulder.

8,325 Miles
covered on county roads.

1,500 Telephone Calls by Judy
to voters throughout the state.

20+ Meet & Greet Events
meeting with hundreds of voters.

155 Endorsements
by elected officials (then and now), community leaders, and everyday voters.

100s of Hours 
by a committed group of volunteers.

15 E-newsletters
Subscribe here.

500 Social Media Posts
on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Guest Opinion
on climate change in the Daily Camera.

Climate Plan

Thank you for your support. It shows that you want a more progressive future for Colorado. Together we can boldly address climate change, create greater economic opportunities for all, and provide better mental health resources throughout the state.

Please consider a donation to help us keep the momentum going:

I can’t do it without you. As we head into the next phase, I will continue my hard work to earn the right to represent you. I hope you will continue to lend your support. Please donate (or donate again) if you can. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated!

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