Ranked Choice Voting & Immigration Town Hall

This week a bill that would allow “ranked choice voting” in nonpartisan Colorado municipal elections passed the State Affairs Committee, of which I am a member. I voted in favor of this bill, HB21-1071, and it is now on to a second reading in the Assembly.

With ranked choice voting, voters can rank the candidates they like rather than choosing only one. The rules can vary but a simple example, as explained in this New York Times article, is this: In a single-winner election, if no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes, the last-place candidate is eliminated and those who marked that candidate as No. 1 get their second choice counted instead. That can go on for several rounds until a candidate emerges with a majority. 

HB21-1071 would require the Secretary of State’s office to create rules for such a voting system and subsequent procedures. If you have an opinion to share, I’d love to hear from you. Email me at Judy@JudyAmabile.com.   

Please Join us

Join Senator Sonya Jaques Lewis and Representative Judy Amabile for a virtual conversation on the U.S. Citizenship Act, state reform efforts, and their impacts on immigrant communities. Special guests include Lorena Garcia, Executive Director of the CO Statewide Parent Coalition; Erika Blum, Constituent Advocate for US Representative Joe Neguse; Carl Castillo, Chief Policy Advisor for the City of Boulder; Jorge De Santiago, Executive Director of El Centro AMISTAD; and Raquel Lane-Arellano, Political Manager for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition(CIRC).

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