REMINDER: Postcard Party to Stop the Recalls

Join us for a Postcard Party

This Saturday, August 31 | 12 - 2 pm
Southern Sun Pub & Brewery
627 South Broadway, Boulder

GOP extremists in Colorado are trying to use low-turnout special elections to defeat elected Democrats and override the blue wave. Republicans have filed paperwork to recall Democratic Senate President Leroy Garcia. Senator Garcia just won his election in 2018 by 48 points (25,000 more votes than his opponent).

We need your help to write decline-to-sign postcards and stop these senseless recalls. We may also have postcards from the ACLU to help end the death penalty in Colorado. Your personalized postcards will help us save lives and stop injustice. Or just come over and chat with a group of likeminded and engaged people over great local beer.

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