Speak up for mental health care

Boulder County is asking for input on how to spend ARPA (American Recovery Plan Act) funds. I believe these dollars offer a unique opportunity to address one of Boulder County’s hardest problems: helping those who suffer from untreated, serious mental illness and intransigent substance use disorders like methamphetamine addiction.  

Commissioners will hear public input at their upcoming Town Hall
September 9 from 5:30 – 7:00 | Sign up to speak at the meeting
Provide written comments by emailing ARPAinput@bouldercounty.org

Please share your perspective. Tell your stories. As patients, parents, physicians, clinicians, social workers, service providers, and community members, you have the insight the commissioners need to hear. I hope you will weigh in. Please contact me with any ideas or questions.  – Judy

My Summer Committee Work

I’m serving on the committee Treatment of Persons with Mental Health Disorders in the Criminal Justice System. We are considering how these two systems intersect. It’s lead us to take a closer look at the human devastation resulting from society’s inadequate care of people with serious mental illness. Our jails have become the de facto answer to that problem, resulting in human misery, financial inefficiency, and abject failure. These have been painful sessions to witness and I feel humbled by the importance of our work. By January, legislative members of the committee will introduce five reform bills to try and tackle these problems. You can listen to last Wednesday’s long and incredibly eye-opening meeting here.       

I’m also honored to serve this summer on the Behavioral Health Transformational Task Force. This interim committee will allocate $450 million in one-time federal money to try and bring transformational change to Colorado’s behavioral health resources. Our work is underway now with two meetings thus far. I’ll keep you updated.

Abortion Access

Texas’s outrageous new abortion law encourages vigilantes to sue if they think someone has helped a woman get an abortion. This is a deliberate violation of the right established under Roe V. Wade. We must take steps in Colorado to ensure women maintain their right to abortion care and I am looking at options for action. One thing we can do now is to support organizations like Cobalt, which is holding a fundraising reception this month: 

Cobalt Fundraiser
Thursday, September 30th | 5:30-7:30 PM
Swoon Art House, 4295 Broadway, Boulder
More information: sarah@cobaltadvocates.org
RSVP: https://bit.ly/cobalt-at-swoon

State Stimulus Grant Opportunities

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is allocating $76 million in stimulus funding approved by the legislature to support agricultural industries in Colorado. Upcoming opportunities include grants for drought resiliency projects and agriculture events and county fairs.  

Additionally, Colorado Humanities will award funds to meet the needs of organizations doing public humanities work in Colorado, especially those in rural areas and those serving historically underserved communities. Learn more here.  

I’m touring Colorado districts across the state this summer with other legislators including Rep. Lindsey Daugherty (HD 29) and Rep. Karen McCormick (HD 11) 

Happy Labor Day Weekend! 
Judy Amabile
Colorado Representative for House District 13